Will this fit my garage?

Lifestyle Elite Garage Screens will fit most sectional door garages which have standard horizontal tracks installed. Standard horizontal tracks refer to the type of tracks that have been used to allow your door to open and close. If a garage does not have sufficient headroom, a low headroom or super low headroom track is fitted for your door to operate. In this situation, the Lifestyle Elite Garage Screens may require an additional kit.

What does ‘head-room’ mean?

Headroom refers to the measurement of available space above the garage door opening to the ceiling. To find out how much space you have, measure from the ceiling to the lowest part of the underside of the trim.

How do I know what size screen I’ll need?

To measure what screen size you need, measure the inside of the garage door opening (trim to trim) to give you the width. For the height, measure from the underside of the garage door opening to the concrete floor (trim to floor). This will give you the DLO (Daylight opening).

Will I lose any headroom in my garage?

Yes the Elite Garage Screen will lower the available headroom within the garage by approximately 30mm. If your existing door is operating on a double track low headroom system, this measurement may increase.

Can the screen door be locked?

Yes the screen door can be locked. There are locks available for both the frame – once it is down, and also the retractable personal access door.

How long will it take to install?

Our Lifestyle Elite Garage Screens can be installed in just a few hours. The door frame is cut and assembled on site to make sure that it fits your individual garage space.

What colour options are available?

The frames come in three colour options: White, Sandstone and Dark Brown.
The screens also have two options – White for privacy and Super Black. Both screen colours are rated as being Pet Proof.

What warranty comes with the product?

The Elite Garage Screen system is covered by a 5 Year Warranty on the product and a 12 Month Warranty on installation.